GB3NP Potcote Repeater

GB3NP is a collaboration between Northants RAYNET, & NRG(Northampton Repeater Group) This repeater is provide as a secondary service as the primary resource at this site is provided for Northants RAYNET. However as it is key in our fixed site talk-through’s we recognise the importance of continuous availability.

GB3NP is Northampton’s most used repeater. Following a long negotiations with Northants Police, access to their Potcote site was granted on 1st April 2009. The repeater NOV was issued on 5th June and the repeater was put on-air with a temporary location for the antenna some weeks later. The antenna went up to it’s full height of 60m AGL on Saturday 8th August 2009.

GB3NP was converted to Dual mode in 2014. It now runs FM and Fusion (C4FM)

We are lucky at this site to have access to more than one antenna, and the Primary Northants RAYNET talk through does not necessarily require the shutdown of GB3NP for the system to be used, however remember if asked to vacate the repeater due to RAYNET requiring its use, please respect this request, service will be restored at the earliest convenience.

A coverage map and further information can be found on the ETCC site Click Here