GB3NH Northampton Town Repeater

GB3NH is run by NRG(Northampton Repeater Group) This repeater is provide as a primary resource at this site, however Northants RAYNET is able to use this facility when required.

GB3NH has been on-air for 40 years. It provides excellent service to Northampton and surrounding areas. Looking back through the various repeater logs and the logs of local amateurs it has been interesting to review the history of the repeater.

GB3NH was originally built by members of the Northampton Radio Club in 1977. In those days activity on the UHF band was considered to be challenging, ex police radio equipment was slowly being made available to radio amateurs, including the Pye PF1 units consisting of a separate receiver and transmitter units. GB3NH currently operates on RU70, although the original channel allocation was RB14. The moved to RB3  due to co-channel problems with GB3CB in Birmingham when it was on a better site than it enjoys today. More recently local pager interference prompted the request to move to a wide split channel that does not suffer this problem.

GB3NH has been re-engineered several times during the last 34 years, however it has remained at its present location in the center of Northampton from the original switch on date in 1977. In February 2003 NH was linked via the Internet to the IRLP system as node 5364.

Remember if asked to vacate the repeater due to RAYNET requiring its use, please respect this request, service will be restored at the earliest convenience.

A coverage map and further information can be found on the ETCC site Click Here