Northants RAYNET Repeater Collaborations

Over the last 25 years or so Northants RAYNET, have been pivotal along with NRG(Northants Repeater Group) to securing a number of key repeater sites in the county. These sites offer good locations for fixed talk-through technology for Northants RAYNET, but are often used for only a very limited number of hours a year. Bearing this in mind, often at these sites application has been made by NRG for a fixed licensed amateur repeater. This helps massively to understand the coverage provided by a given site and the differences that can be experienced by changes in the atmospherics. It also provides spare equipment on site in case of failure of Northants RAYNETs primary equipment. A formal agreement exists between NRG and Northants RAYNET, where by RAYNET is able to use the licenced repeater if required.

Collaboration Repeaters

GB3NH Click Here for more information
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